Saturday, November 25, 2017

My Must-Read Blogs

I don't know about you, but the longer I've blogged, the less I read my friends' blogs ... o.o Not good, I know. But I realized that there's still a handful that stand out as my "must-reads."

I'm subscribed to 49 blogs on Blogger (because 50 is obscene). 20 by e-mail. And yet my list of must-reads consists of ... nine.

A Glimpse of Starlight // poetry + inspirational words + format
A Little Southern Grace // lifelong friend + pictures + fun artsy things
A Writer's Faith // my first blog to follow + pizza + words + nano + TBR
Feels Like Hope // deep thoughts + blunt words + superheroes + punk opinion
Fishing For Ideas // faith + mostly nonfiction + sour patch + ninjas + masculine
Lakeside Publications // writing + struggles + self publishing + VAVC + critique partner
My Lady Bibliophile // reviews + classic recs + amazing WWI WIP
Nadine Brandes // bookstagram + ninjas + YA books + traditional publishing
Writer Emily Mundell // Canada + life experiences + LOTR + fellow INTJ

Special mention:

Please note: if you did not make this list, that does not mean I hate you or your blog. I promise. You all know that I would read every post by each and every one of you if I had the time!

Those of you who did make the list are probably surprised ... because I comment maybe 50% of the time I read a post? -_- I know, I'm a horrible example. Let that be your takeaway from this post.

So for all of you who faithfully read and comment on my blog, I really appreciate you. It's a big deal. Even if I take two weeks to reply, please know that I read all the comments and would. not. be. here. without you.

For all of you who blog, keep going!! You have something worth sharing. :)
The signature contests are still going on! I've received four entries for Tiffany thus far. And the next edition will be coming Tuesday! But you have all year to submit them, so please participate!! :D

ALSO, Martin Hospitality is on sale today and tomorrow in e-book form! If you've been waiting to read it, now's your chance to do so without breaking the bank.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! How many blogs do you read? (And I mean really read.)


  1. I try to read everyone's, but I'm going to be cutting back because I need to be on the internet less with life and craziness. Unfortunately, that means I won't be seeing everyone's posts. But, I have a few must reads from the people who support me the most. And of course, your blog! I don't read your posts as much as I should, but when I do, there's always something I take away and learn. Those are the types of posts I love. <3


    1. Yep, I totally get you!! It's a sad reality of life :( Aww thank you! I really appreciate how often you leave comments. So glad you enjoy the posts!

  2. How many blogs I read? Gosh, you're asking for too much. (and yes, I mean regularly read)

    Wait, a minute... I counted and I realised I read about 9 regularly myself. shoot.

    Since you're now a published author it really makes sense that you don't have much time to read blogs. Though I don't properly understand, I can understand that somewhat.

    1. Hahaha xD It's kind of shocking isn't it??? Yeah, I think that is part of it. When I started out, my blog was all I had. Now I have bookish things I'm constantly having to promote and what not xP I still feel bad, though!! ;)

  3. *laughs like a crazy person* Apparently 9 is the magic number today because that's how many blogs I read regularly too. And because I'm into shameless plugs, here are those 9 blogs.

    •The Left-Handed Typist (it's a really cool blog. You should check it out, the blogger's a published author too!!)
    •A Writer's Faith
    •Feels Like Hope
    • (okay I'm bias on this one because I just started co-blogging on it.)
    •Burning Youth
    •The Artful Author
    •Wingless Fairy
    •Writing In The Rain (this is Eliza's blog.)
    •Writing Is Oxygen

    1. Ha really?! Apparently 9 is the magic number. xD

      LOVE that you listed them out. I know 4 of those by name. That first one especially sounds familiar ... ;P I will try and look them up!! 'Bout all I can promise these days xD

    2. Haha, right?

      That's cool. I feel you with the struggling to keep up with everything.

  4. This is SUCH a sweet post idea! Thanks for mentioning me — you’d definitely be in my top list as well. :) Now I have to go check out the few that I don’t recognize! o.o

    1. Aww thanks! ^.^ Yessss find more blogs to hardly ever read mwahaha xP And you're certainly welcome to borrow the post idea. I don't mind! :D

  5. Awww, I'm so honored to be there! :') And to echo Katie Grace, yes, this is a great post idea. You'd be in my top blogs for sure, in fact I have you on my sidebar recommendations widget thing. XD
    I totally hear you about reading less blogs the more you blog. I am a very terrible person. Very terrible.

    1. You're welcome. Ohhhh that's awesome!! You're very welcome to copy the post idea if you'd like to ;) Well then we can be terrible people together haha xP

  6. This is an awesome post idea that I shall be stealing in upcoming months. 😜 I’m honored to have made the list!!!! Thanks for sharing this struggle we both have...makes me feel more human!!! I read maybe 5 blogs on a regular basis. Soooo horrible. But hey, those 5 are really super awesome!!!

    Love ya! ❤️

    1. Yep go for it!! I had no idea what to post on, so I was really glad to see this among my drafts xD I totally get you ... it's pathetic, really. But people should feel fortunate to make it into our busy schedules, right? D: xP Love you too!

  7. Aww, thank you for including me on your list, Abi!! Day made. I have 17 blogs bookmarked that I check every few weeks, but I only regularly read 5ish?

    So sad :/

    1. Aw, I'm glad ^.^ I know, it's it sad?? 17 doesn't sound like that many, but I find it really hard to keep up. Even my must-reads I don't think I read on a weekly, day-they-were-published basis D: It feels so pathetic, but I guess it's to be expected with growing up and getting busier :P


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