I worked with a variety of clients and projects throughout 2015 and 2016. From beta reads to edits, I offered my time in order to build my skill through the best manner possible: experience. I have now edited over a dozen projects in various stages of development and continue to pursue self-education. While my learning is by no means complete, I feel confidant that I will have something helpful to offer you and your story as well.
Early Draft Manuscript Edit ~ This includes: one thorough read through, constructive criticism and praise, with feedback focusing primarily on content and its presentation (plot holes, pacing, character development). I will, however, still correct any errors in grammar or punctuation I find. My goal is for this edit to prompt a substantial new draft of the manuscript, resulting in a stronger and clearer story. It will be ready for the next step in the review process, be it beta readers or an editor.

Final Draft Manuscript Edit ~ This includes: one thorough read through, constructive criticism and praise, & feedback on content, style, and grammar. While I cannot guarantee a flawless manuscript or strict adherence to a single style guide, I strive to give honest and encouraging feedback, informing you of the options the formal publishing world supports. My goal is for this manuscript to be worthy of publication once my feedback has been considered.
Per Item Price ~ I charge $1 for every 1,000 words I edit, regardless of the draft's stage. (Thus, if your manuscript is 50,000 words long it would cost you $50.) This is likely the best option for you if you are new to my services, or do not expect to create much work in need of my editing throughout 2017.

2017 Calendar Price ~ If you trust my services and think you would utilize them on multiple projects throughout the year, you also have the option to pay a flat fee for the remainder of the calendar year and schedule as many projects as possible. The timeline below represents when you pay the flat fee:
Jan-Apr ~ $150 for the remainder of the year (150k word value)
May-Aug ~ $100 for the remainder of the year (100k word value)
Sept-Dec ~ $50 for the remainder of the year (50k word value)
This would cover all projects that you present to me, ready for an edit, in 2017 (regardless of when I schedule the edit). It is up to you to make this payment option of value to you as there will be no refunds.

I accept payment through PayPal or checks mailed to my address.
Draft an email to me detailing: your name and the length, genre, & developmental stage of your manuscript. I do not require the manuscript to be Christian, but it must not contain excessive profanity or any explicit content. I reserve the right to stop editing your manuscript at any point if immoral or ungodly content makes me uncomfortable, with a 50% refund. Once I receive your e-mail, we can discuss availability and see if I will be a good fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you!
Here's what other clients have said:

"Abi is a diamond in the rough. Her critiques are as uplifting as they are constructive comments that have helped me grow over the years. I can vouch for her personally as well as professionally--and I can't recommend her highly enough!" ~ Jamie Foley, The Sentinel Trilogy 
"Abigayle did a fantastic job beta-ing my manuscript. She was very enthusiastic throughout the whole process and very on top of things. She recognized my weaknesses and helped me correct them all the while maintaining a kind and encouraging attitude towards me and my project. I would highly recommend her as an editor, she went above and beyond what was required and delivered some great reviews for me. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to her comments on my story and I hope I can work with her again in the future." ~ Emily Mundell, The Sorceress and the Squid
"Abi has been such a tremendous help to me and my story! She's great at catching all the nit-picky details and offering critiques while still keeping true to my writing style. She wasn't afraid to point out the parts that needed work, but also praised the good scenes, which never failed to make my day. I definitely recommend her services to anyone who's looking for a pair of editing eagle eyes." ~ Katie Grace, The Sand Dragon's Song
"Abi is an amazing editor, and she has worked with me on editing two of my books now. Her work is extremely thorough, and she does an excellent job finding everything from grammatical errors, to plot holes and inconsistencies in writing. She also works well with deadlines, which is something I really appreciated! I would highly recommend her as an editor, and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." ~ Jesseca Wheaton, The Silent Blade


  1. Hello Abigayle,
    I have a crochet shop, and I was wondering if you would be willing to purchase something from my shop and review it on your blog. I would be so thrilled if you would. I hope to hear from you soon. :) You can email me using the contact form on the right side of my sidebar on my shop. ashleysyarnworks.blogspot.com
    Have a great day!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to see this. That's a such a sweet offer and your website looks great. But reviewing products is not something I do on my blog. Thanks anyway :)

  2. Hey Abigayle!
    I was wondering if you could edit my book? I haven't written much yet, but need to look into lose ends, and Editor was up next. My email is myutmost18@gmail.com

    1. Thanks for your interest, Allie! I'll shoot you an e-mail :)


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