Saturday, December 2, 2017

Recent Happenings + a Glimpse into 2018

Hey, everyone! This post is going to catch you up on a couple things that have happened recently. Serves as a kind of November wrap-up post, I suppose ;)

The only reason I quit doing wrap-up posts is because I transferred most of the life and update type stuff to my monthly newsletter (sign up in the sidebar). BUT, there are a few things I want to make sure everyone knows so there's no confusion. I haven't begun my Nov newsletter yet, either, so ... you're actually getting first scoop this time. ;)
First, the exciting thing: Andora's Folly has a paperback release date! December 9, 2017. ONE WEEK!! I already have a teency little paperback proof in my hands which you can watch me unbox in a video here. (Forgive the meh quality. xP)

I still have to work on that back cover and add a finishing touch to the updated Kindle edition. Then you guys will have a snazzy paperback option or at least a more current version of the Kindle. ;)

I'm not doing any huge release or anything. But I will announce on Dec 9 that the paperback is available. Of course, it would be awesome if you guys wanted to spread the word. Or for all of you who've been waiting for the paperback, grab yourself a copy for Christmas!
Some health issues exploded for me this month, so I think I only wrote around 15k for NaNo? I find that very pathetic. I wrote that in about two weeks, which isn't bad. But I really lagged the second half of the month and got almost nothing done D: I've had a head cold off and on for about six weeks and a cough for two. I went to the doctor and I have walking pneumonia and overuse syndrome in my wrist. Thank God it's not full-fledged pneumonia or carpal tunnel!! I was still told I needed to take it easy, down lots of drugs, and for my wrist: stop. writing. *cries* The only cure for overuse is to ... stop using. So I'm looking into dictation or a more therapeutic keyboard or something. Because we all know I can't completely stop.

Basically I feel really lazy and may kind of disappear from everywhere. For now, I'm going to keep posting every week. But I might have to take a hiatus before long, because blogging is a lot of typing ;) Since all my work requires typing, I need to limit the bits that don't make me money. Sounds horrible, but it's a reality at the moment.

Anyway, I just thought you guys should know that. :)
Being behind on drafting Behind the Act (the matinee book), meant I was also behind on editing chapters for the agent who was interested. I hit a bit of a roadblock the other day when I realized that there were no proposal guidelines on the agency website, only query guidelines. So using the more direct email I'd been given, I emailed the agent a query and asked for the proposal guidelines if he was still interested in moving forward.

He was and he wasn't. With this new trend in traditional publishing houses to only consider manuscripts from authors with a "significant" platform, I'm still too tiny to be considered. I don't blame the agent at all, because there's not much he can do about industry standards. But it does seem to be a futile cycle. I want to traditionally publish to get more following and reach more people. However, I can't do that until I have enough following. See the problem?? It's because larger publishing houses, in particular, are scaling back the marketing. They don't want to start with nobodies.

Don't let that discourage you, though! I doubt this is the case with all publishing houses (espeically not the smaller ones), and it means that self-publishing is only becoming more respected and viable. Traditional publishers are almost requiring authors to be self-published first because building a large following otherwise is a little hard ...

So I don't know if I'll look at more agencies or if I'll work toward self-publishing Behind the Act ... If I'm going to run into the same wall everywhere, there's not much point. I need to keep building here with you guys :) But at the same time, I feel like I should try at least once more. Because who gets signed with their first agent? Basically no one.

ANYWAY!! I'm not crushed by any of this, so you don't have to pity me xD And I am making some progress in the Andora's Folly department. Up next on my list is going to be merchandise for my already published books, I think. *shrug* Who knows. Everything's changed this month and I have no idea what's next. It means so much to me that you guys stick with me. Tiny platform or not, you guys are much more than numbers to me.

2018 basically has a clean slate now. I don't know what it holds. But December's going to be crazy, so I guess the first thing is to survive that. ;) I actually do consider this the most wonderful time of the year even with my life turning upside down in November, so I shall rest up with Netflix so I don't miss out on the holiday season!
Enough about me!! Tell me what's new with you :D How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do/win NaNo? What does 2018 hold for you?


  1. Wow, seems like everyone had a rough nano (except for Katie Grace who I'm not sure is even human anymore.). I wrote about 24k of my novella during Nano so I'm counting it as a win since it was my first time doing nano. :D

    YAS ANDORA'S FOLLY PAPERBACK IT'S ON MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST (along with Martin Hospitality because I need to read it a second time).

    1. Yeah it did seem to be the year for fallouts! And yes. Katie Grace doesn't count. Because she wins every year without fail xDD

      24k is SPLENDID!!!! Since it's a novella, you should be mostly finished, right?? That's exciting :D

      Aw yay!!! <3

    2. Yeah, Katie Grace is basically the human bean we all aspire to be someday.

      I just started the climax! I'm aiming for somewhere between 30-35k when it's done. There's still a massive battle scene, tragic death scene, and epilogue left to go before it's done.

      <3 Yes I am so excited to get caught up on all the Andora's Folly hype!


    Hope you start feeling better soon ^-^ sending some prayers your way.

    *nods* publishing seems pretty competetive these days. ALL THE BEST FOR BEHIND THE ACT. I'm super excited no matter which way you go!!

  3. I have to catch up on your books one day!

    Man, it SUCKS that your wrist got injured. Hopefully it gets better as soon as possible so that you'll be able to write as much as you can!

    And I hope you're able to find an agency! You can do it!

  4. Abi is a good girl to take a break and heal. Abi is brave to not me crushed by refusal from agent.

    Abi and Ivy need to movie fight or something in their downtime. 😉 But I finished CTM so now I’m starting on some movies Victoria sent me. How about a compatition of how many movies we can watch in Dec? 😂 *nodnod*

  5. Sorry to hear about your painful wrists and sickness :( Hope you are able to rest up and heal soon!! Someone is going to snatch up Behind the Act, don't you worry!

  6. Ouch, I hope you start feeling better! And I hope that you will be able to get traditionally published soon! Your example of never giving up is encouraging. =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

  7. That's sad - I hope you feel better soon!

    As for the traditional publishing, I'm beginning to see the need for a big following everywhere. I've queried to several publishing houses/agents and have either not heard back or got a no, so it's very discouraging. I AM however considering self-publishing, which scares me more then anything.

    Lovely, hearing from you. <3

  8. My NaNo was less than productive as well, but I had no health issues - just laziness/busyness! Congratulations on getting Andora's Folly into paperback form! That's super cool! Also, thanks for sharing about your experiences trying out for agents and in traditional publishing, it's really nice to see a bit of what goes on for someone in a very similar career situation to me! Sorry that it didn't work out this time :/ but I have every confidence that with your talent and work ethic it will! Merry Christmas! :DD

  9. Oh, Abigayle, I'm so sorry to hear about those health issues and I'll be praying about them, especially the wrist overuse. I definitely understand having to cut back writing because of hand pain! I'll pray you can find a solution soon and that in the meantime you can just enjoy resting. <3 Also, I was so surprised and honored to be on your list of blogs you still read! Thank you! And don't feel bad about not commenting often; I'm one of the worst commenters ever. xD I think we can all relate. I hope you're having a great Advent!

  10. I hope that you are feeling better soon, Abi!!!


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