Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017 Discoveries

I am totally mooching off Katie Grace today!! She wrote this epic, gorgeous post about her findings of 2017, so this post is springboarding off that because I've been sick all week and am hard up for ideas ...

Before we get started, please note that I'm not guaranteeing a 100% clean and happy media. Just things I really enjoyed overall, often with some self-editing. Only the ones I'm featuring are actual recommendations from me to you, complete with warnings. Be careful with the { A L S O } sections ;)
{ A R T I S T S }

Ludovico Einaudi // Nicholas Yee // Audrey Assad // Imaginary Future // Shawn Mendes

{ S O U N D T R A C K S }

La La Land // Imitation Game // The Village

{ S O N G S }

By Night ~ Sophie Hutchings // Thy Will ~ Hilary Scott // One Call Away ~ Charlie Puth // Monody ~ The Fat Rat + Laura Brehm //  // I Choose You ~ Sara Bareilles
{ Wonder Woman }

Let me first make it clear that I'm more of a Marvel person than DC person. Actually, I'm more of a Captain America person than anything else ;P But this movie. Oh. My. Goodness. I had such high hopes, I was afraid to even watch it. HELLO, it delivered.

It did not push feminism or "girl power." It had the Greek mythology element and seemed pretty historically accurate. 

I was afraid Wonder Woman would be unbelievable, but she's not human. So I bought it ;) Ares was an actual character, which kinda pops any Christian bubble, but the messages were spot. on. Diana is pretty naive and she's appalled at the evil Ares has caused (the war). The points about love and human nature as she grows were really excellent.

And it came this close to making me cry in the theatre. Totally loved it. So don't believe all the media flack the actress and her role are getting. That's because she did a nice job without being pushy.

{ Murder on the Orient Express }

I freely admit I have not read the book. But I did see the original "classic" movie, so I had certain expectations. While you didn't get to know this incarnation of Hercule Poirot as well, I really enjoyed this movie. Kenneth Branagh always does an excellent job. The acting from everyone (even actors I don't really like) was superb. And the scenery and cinematography was pretty epic. The story hold pretty true to the other movie, so I'm guessing it holds pretty true to the book? This one was a little more fast paced in the unravelling of the murder, so a little more captivating of a drama. And that's all with me knowing the outcome as I went into it. I would definitely watch it again!

{ A L S O } 

Beauty and the Beast // Age of Adaline // Zootopia // Safe Haven // The Zookeeper's Wife // Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
{ The Crown }

There's not even much I need to say here. It's Queen Elizabeth II gaining the throne and the sacrifices that requires. Often it's the country or her family as she struggles to balance being a wife and queen. When she can tell Parliament what to do, it's hard not to treat her husband like a subject. ;) It's a slow drama, but I was shocked at how much history I learned and the acting is absolutely phenomenal. It's the Netflix Original that has redeemed all the other Netflix Originals. xD

Read a parent's guide before watching this one. You'll want to avoid some brief nudity in the first two episodes. After that, it's relational stuff and perhaps some mild language. Worth the watch for sure, but you've been warned. ;)

{ The Good Doctor }

My sister and I are watching this one as it airs on ABC through Hulu right now. I can't believe how much we enjoy it! What am I saying? It's Freddie Highmore (only the best child actor on the face of this planet) is now grown up, autistic, and American. Two of those are a put-on, but I could watch him act for forever. As an autistic surgical resident with quite the past, you'll learn medical things and become greatly attached to all the sweet characters. Pretty sure at least five of the seven episodes so far have made me cry? Yeah ... But it's worth it! xD

As for content, there's been one pretty gory episode, but I'm the world's most sensitive person. And there are some extramarital relationships going on behind the scenes in a few episodes, but I think they might actually be going good places at this point. There's also been one episode that was just pretty gritty in the nature of the diseases.

{ A L S O}

A Series of Unfortunate Events // Anne with an E // A Gifted Man // Suits // Lost in Austen // Agents of Shield Season 2
I picked six of my 5 star reads from this year to share with you here. (I promise I don't rate every book that highly. I hit the jackpot this year.) 

I'm not going to discuss any of these at length since I've already done that in my monthly newsletter. (Yes, you're missing out. The sign-up is in the sidebar. xP)

The images link to Goodreads where you can find my reviews.




And there you have it! What are some of your favorite watches and reads of the year so far? Give me all the recommendations!!!

ALSO: If you were the awesome person who suggested the title Behind the Act as a replacement for Matinee Regulars, I love you xD Because I'm seriously considering that one. For all the rest of you, honest thoughts on that option?? Thanks!


  1. Monodyyyyyyyyyy! That song is like the electronic instrumental above all electronic instrumentals and I love it so incredibly much. The shoutout is wonderful. :D You should also try their song “The Calling,” if you haven’t. It’s got more words but a really cool feel to it.

    And wasn’t Wonder Woman so good? I was expecting it to be decent but was worried about the level of violence, since after all it is a D.C. movie...but it was beyond good. I agree that they did such a nice job making her a strong feminine and female character while not pushing feminism. And Gal Gadot is an AMAZING actress.

    Ooh, I like that title!

    1. It makes me so happy that you know that song xD Ivy Rose and Emily McConnell started off our roadtrip with it, so that's where I picked it up ;) I haven't listened to The Calling yet, but I'll have to do that.

      Yessss. All of the above about Wonder Woman xD <3

      Oh good!! :D Thanks for the input.

  2. OKAY. DUDE. THAT PETER PAN COVER IS THE PRETTIEST THING EVER. *immediately runs to goodreads to find out more*

    I enjoyed reading this post so much! I enjoyed watching The Imitation Game, and now I need to go check out that soundtrack. I can already bet that it's going to be great background for writing. :D

    Aww, and I really like that title! I still like Matinee Regulars... but maybe that's because I always read it in my mind as Manatee Regulars. BARABRA MANATEEEE! :P Okay, that's all of my rambling. I just thought I should eventually tell you that because I crack up everytime I see your title. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Isn't it?!?! The one I read actually had a really lame cover haha xD But it had literary illustrations that made me appreciate Barrie's writing like 10000x more *nods* So if you haven't read it ... you should. Totally.

      I'm so glad! Thanks for letting me copy you xD I didn't intend to copy quite so exactly at first, but ... yeah, then I got lazy xD

      THE SOUNDTRACK IS PERFECT FOR WRITING!!! Actually, most soundtracks by Alexandre Desplat are. But that one especially ;)

      Yay!!! BAHAHAhahahahaha XDD Of course you did *wipes away tears* Yeah, no wonder you like it. Maybe that's another reason to use Behind the Act instead xD That's awesome.

      You're awesome. Thanks again for letting me mooch off of you <3

  3. UGH yes, Thy Will by Hillary Scott is one of my favorite songs. It can impact us through so many different situations. It's literally always relatable.

    Sorry, I get very excited about that movie...

    1. Oh, and Behind The Act is a cool title, though Matinee Regulars is still my favorite.

    2. EXACTLY!!! I first heard it when some difficult situations were happening in our extended family, so ... yeah. I have like this permanent emotional connection to it xD

      YES!! Gosh, it just had so many good messages. Like, not only did it face some of the big issues head on, but it outright slayed them with basically biblical answers. Probably not their goal, but better for us, right? xD

      Good to know! Thank you :D

  4. I am so glad you mentioned Murder on the Orient Express! I got the book a while back to prepare for the movie's release...but I haven't picked it up once. I was afraid it wouldn't quite live up to my expectations. It is so good to hear that the movie was good!! I may have to give it a try now. ;) ❤️

    1. You should! I mean, I don't know how high your expectations are but .... ;) I haven't actually read the book *hides* But the new movie was really good and I already knew all the big twists!!! :D So you should definitely see it as some point. *nods*

  5. I'm dying to see Murder on the Orient Express! It looks so good! I'm excited to check out all of these recs:)

    1. It was awesome!!! You should totally see it. The cinematography is so good that it was an epic theatre watch :D

      Hehe ... You'll have to tell me if any strike your fancy ;P


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