Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Martin Hospitality Blog Tour // Day 4

Day four already? It's flying by for me! But that's because my work is done and it's resting on my lovely fans ;)

Tuesday, Feb 7

Ashley Nicole ~ Spotlight
Savannah Grace ~ Spotlight, Interview
Faith Potts ~ Review

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Random fact about the novel: It's really hard coming up with facts! :P Cheating? Fine ... the Martins were supposed to have a farm dog and it never happened.

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Martin Hospitality

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Thank you guys for reading and participating. I know the posts are kind of repetitive, but I am getting e-mails and social media hype from strangers which is awesome. This tour is doing its job ;)


  1. -bounces- Can't wait for my turn!! :D xD

    1. :DD Your turn was AWESOME so it was worth waiting for imo ;)


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