Sunday, February 5, 2017

Martin Hospitality Blog Tour // Day 2

Day two with two lovely ladies who agreed to Sunday posts :)

Sunday, Feb 5

Amber Baker ~ Interview
Emily Mundell ~ Spotlight

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What has been your favorite type of post so far?


  1. Oh, I'm loving the book tour so far! =D I like it when authors participate in interviews the best-it gives the reader a behind the scenes look.

    1. Thank you! Yay, I'm glad you're enjoying the interviews. I only sometimes enjoy them from other people which is why I spiced it up by doing vlogs ;)

  2. Ahh! I am so sorry, I couldn't publish the interview post yesterday!
    I had such a busy weekend which resulted with me in tears, so I really wasn't able to do it.

    I literally just published the post now, so it's up there for everybody to read!
    Again, I'm really sorry! xx

    1. That's okay, Amber! Seriously, no pressure. Sounds like you had a really great excuse anyway. Hugs and hope this last week has been MUCH better :)


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