Saturday, February 18, 2017

50 Spoiler-Free Facts About Martin Hospitality

You read that right. 50 spoiler-free facts about my newly-released novel, Martin Hospitality. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes equivalent to writing a novel. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate my watercolor artist's photography skills?

  1. I always intended to give the Martins a dog on their farm but never did
  2. I killed off twice as many characters as I had originally planned
  3. Gemma doesn't have a favorite color
  4. The baby's middle name is never given because I haven't decided yet
  5. I despised editing the first draft even though I'm a freelance editor for other people's manuscripts
  6. The title is original to the first draft
  7. This March will mark the 2nd anniversary of the bizarre dream that inspired the story
  8. Gemma's middle name is Louise
  9. The weather is based on Kansas's weather in 2015
  10. I never finished outlining the book's plot
  11. None of the characters are purposely based on a real life acquaintace
  12. The baby's name was also my great-grandfather's middle name
  13. The novel is set in no particular small town in rural Kansas
  14. I took meticulous notes for the novel whenever we visited my aunt and uncle in Kansas
  15. Chapter 12 was the first one I ever wrote.
  16. I'm planning toward a trilogy following Gemma's life
  17. I mostly drafted the novel in my room on my laptop
  18. My greatest motivation to keep writing was my alpha readers who read as I wrote and wanted the whole story :)
  19. Character charts are my favorite part of plotting but I only used them for three of the main characters who required the most backstory
  20. I wrote Martin Hospitality mostly after 9pm
  21. Most of the character and some other notable things will make an appearance in book 2
  22. Not plotting the second half of the book gave me a messier draft but better twists and development since I just went with it
  23. It's not perfect and it took me a while to swallow my perfectionism and be okay with that
  24. I never chose specific car models for any of the vehicles in the book
  25. I followed the Wichita geography meticulously
  26. Therefore: her church, office building, and street she lives on exist
  27. There are a couple tiny fandom Easter eggs in the book
  28. I always intended to self-publish
  29. It took me 10 months to complete the first draft
  30. Gemma's last name Ebworthy was originally going to be Pennyworth
  31. The addition of the cat was a spur of the moment decision to spice up Gemma's apartment life
  32. The Martins' house floor plan is based on a dream. I had to draw it before I drafted so it would make sense
  33. The entire novel was based on a dream: a blend of a Beverly Lewis novel and my aunt's move to Kansas. And a really attractive farmer ...
  34. Figuring out what I wanted for the cover and who could do it for me was one of the most difficult things initially. Now it's my favorite
  35. Mr. Martin was one of my favorite characters to develop because of his complexity but also the most difficult by far. He's controversial ;)
  36. The first draft was approx 94,000 words. The final draft was approx 102,000 words.
  37. Alpha and beta readers were the best part of the entire experience. Definitely use them
  38. Most of the research I had to do was on corn, medical conditions, and Kansas paternity
  39. I only hand drafted a few scenes when I was on the go but I had to pause and think much less since I write slower than I type
  40. The Martins' church is based on Ebenfeld, the first Mennonite Brethren church in the nation
  41. I spent 5 months on all the editing and rewriting
  42. I only renamed one character from the first draft but unnamed several others
  43. In order to make the Martins accurate and not too much like my family alone, I drew off some of the customs of friends
  44. Gemma's apartment is based off a unit of apartments a local family own and I do the bookkeeping for
  45. I made Farris a sweet tempered and fairly content baby, but he's going to be quite the toddler
  46. Like any very large family, I had to give the Martins a van although I didn't originally
  47. I didn't usually listen to music while I wrote, but I began to while writing this book so I could focus while writing with siblings around
  48. Its theme could be considered redemption
  49. I have sold around 40 copies
  50. It's difficult to come up with this many facts ... That's a fact, right? ;)

Phew! Those took me forever to come up with when I did this originally on social media. Which fact was your favorite?

ALSO!! Next Saturday will be my blog's birthday blowout! Photos, giveaways, announcements ... all that good stuff. If you want a chance to win an e-book version of Martin Hospitality, design a birthday image for The Left-Handed Typist and e-mail it to me or tag me on social media (@abitheauthor) before Saturday. I'll choose my favorite and all the submissions will be featured in the post :D

Have a great week!


  1. Love the insight into your story here, Abi! I'm really excited to eventually get my hands on a copy of this. You've worked so hard and it shows - it's awesome!

    1. Thank you! It was definitely hard work but it was so worth it! It should be available on all strains of Amazon (so the Canadian version too) if that will help you get a copy! :D

  2. I absolutely LOVED your book! You are such a talented writer Abi!
    Can't wait for the next books!

    1. Thank you so much, Amber :) Working on the sequel right now!

  3. I hope I can get the book this summer TT I'm really curious now...

    1. Yay, curiosity is perfect haha :D Can't wait to hear what you think about it! :)

  4. Eeep! I love these. I've only read a sample so far (seriously. I read samples of just about every ebook I have), but I'm LOVING it. Martin Hospitality, I'm going to read you in the next few months!


    audrey caylin

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the sample. I look forward to hearing your final opinion ^.^

  5. This was so much fun to read, Abi! I finished Martin Hospitality (just an hour or so ago, actually xD) and LOVED IT, so it was a lot of fun to hear more about it ;).

    Can't wait for the blog birthday blowout! :D

    ~ Savannah

    1. I'm so glad! Wow, you read that fast! So glad you enjoyed the book and the bonus details.

      Hehe, yeah I have to go work on that post because it's coming right up and I do not feel prepared! O.O It shall be so fun though :D

  6. I LOVE this! So many interesting facts. Maybe a dog will make an appearance in the second book? ;)

    1. Yay I'm so glad! Ooh, good idea :D *goes to research dog names*

  7. Oh, I love these! Haha, number 30. I made the connection. ;)

  8. Love this post! All the facts were so fun to read. ^_^
    "...a blend of a Beverly Lewis novel and my aunt's move to Kansas. And a really attractive farmer ..." *laughing* <33

    1. Thanks, Faith :) Haha, it's true, though! XD You never know where inspiration will come from


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