Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ultimate Camp NaNoWriMo

Ultimate Camp NaNoWriMo kinda sounds like it should be a sport, no? Similiar to ultimate frisbee? Anyway. I'm finally getting around to giving you all an elaborate break down of my first Camp NaNo experience. Coincidentally, this also happens to be my 50th post and the last one I shall bring you all as a 17-year-old. You asked for it!

I apologize in advance for what is about to be the longest list of excuses ever.

Day 1 ~ 2,000 // 2,000

Started it off strong and fainted at my cabin mates' awesomeness. Also:

Day 2 ~ 1,113 // 3,113

Still had the initial rush of adrenaline and was trying to pack simultaneously

Day 3 ~ 0 // 3,113

Here, we celebrated Independence Day with family in Fort Worth. Yeah, no words.

Day 4 ~ 0 // 3,113

I had my laptop with me, but decided writing in a 15-passenger van full of siblings isn't worth it

Day 5 ~ 2,905 // 6,018

Back home and back on track

Day 6 ~ 0 // 6,018

So why write when you'll remain afloat without a single word?

Day 7 ~ 1,198 // 7,216

Another trip upcoming, so had to write a little bit

Day 8 ~ 0 // 7,216

Went out of town and had a terrible headache the whole way, so no writing

Day 9 ~ 0 // 7,216

Had my writing conference and hung out with my pen pal friend all day. Staying up late talking to her beat Camp

Day 10 ~ 0 // 7,216

Went to church with my pen pal, went out to lunch, and then headed back home with Mom

Day 11 ~ 2,189 // 9,405

Trying to catch up a little and had a freaking ton of Camp notifications (you know who you are)

Day 12 ~ 0 // 9,405

Stalled out, I guess? I don't really know what happened here :P

Day 13 ~ 622 // 10,027

Had work all afternoon, but managed to write a smidge due to a couple word wars. Do not underestimate their power!

Day 14 ~ 0 // 10,027

Family came into town here, so I did the human conversation thing instead

Day 15 ~ 0 // 10,027

And family left on this day and my motivation left with them

Day 16 ~ 0 // 10,027

I don't know what happened here, since it was the weekend

Day 17 ~ 0 // 10,027

But I guess it happened again here, hehe

Day 18 ~ 2,077 // 12,104

Monday motivation and still 6K behind *hits panic button*

Day 19 ~ 5,115 // 17,219

I highly doubt I could ever write much more than this in a day if my life depended on it.

Day 20 ~ 1,052 // 18,271

Three days in a row! And I even had work again. 

Day 21 ~ 2,072 // 20,343

Boom, four days! Aaaalmost back on track.

Day 22 ~ 0 // 20,343

We played at a friend's house and I had zero energy when we got home

Day 23 ~ 1,197 // 21,540

Weekend, yes, but I felt bad and it was my brother's birthday. So what else would I do but write?

Day 24 ~ 0 // 21,540

I burn out easy, okay? But going to the theatre for Tarzan was the best decision I have ever made.

Day 25 ~ 2,862 // 24,402

Once again, sooooo close

Day 26 ~ 0 // 24,402

But then I skip another day and fall behind just a smidge more

Day 27 ~ 1,924 // 26,326

This was a Saturday that I actually wrote. Can you believe it?

Day 28 ~ 0 // 26,326

But I can never write on Sundays no matter how much I try :(

Day 29 ~ 0 // 26,326

I guess I'll blame this on it being a Monday?

Day 30 ~ 2,708 // 29,034

I didn't want to write but then I finished my story and that posed a problem for the last 1K

Day 31 ~ 976 // 30,010

Boom! I had to get really creative for these words. I made a Note from the Author, title page, and a couple random scenes to hit my word goal. I went to bed happy. ^.^

And my overall stats picture because I know you couldn't live without it :)

All in all this was a fantastic experience, made only more awesome by my 10 cabin mates. I have seriously never laughed so hard or had so much support while writing. My favorite conversation was the one about the Trout brothers beings aliens (specifically rainbow fish from Fiji who tan). The conversation on our hugging rules and how we will handle fame were also pretty darn epic. But that's what happens when 10 members of writer royalty join you for 31+ days of insanity.

The word wars, sharing of ideas, reading of blog posts and chapters pre-publication, rants and rambles,prayer requests, and goofiness were all unforgettable. I made new internet friends, showed off my insane side, and still had friends at the end of it.

To learn more about the short story I worked on at Camp, visit My Writings and look for Andora's Folly.


What did you do for the month of July? Have you done a Camp NaNo post? Also, notice my first homemade header since post #1 I had to do something special for post #50 :)


  1. I've never had a chance to do NaNo, but I really want to have a chance to do it eventually! HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY! And congrats on 50 posts!! :)

    1. Yes, every writer should give it a shot at some point :D Thank you!! I wouldn't be here without your support :)

  2. I had to laugh AGIAN remembering the hilarious, crazy-random things we talked about. XD
    Happy Early Birthday!!! ^_^ You have me beat by a couple weeks. ;)
    Also, happy National Left-Handed Day!! ;)

    1. Haha, yeah me, too. I took screenshots and everything, but didn't share them because, you know, people's identities :)

      Thank you!! Happy early birthday to you, too, then :D

      Ah!! I totally did not know about this awesome holiday (because that's totally what it is) until you mentioned it. How fantastic that it's so close to my birthday ;)

  3. AHHH congrats on completing Camp! For some reason I find it harder to write in the summer than during the school user :P

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is wonderful :)


    1. Thanks, Noor! Yeah, I usually get more done during the school year, just because I'm more motivated and have deadlines and such. I never accomplish as much of anything as I'd like to during the summer XD

      THANK YOU!! It's been great so far :D

  4. What can I say? Camp NaNo was a blast, you did awesome, I did awesome, EVERYONE DID AWESOME AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUUUUN. (especially the aliens conversation though :P)

    1. It really was a blast, wasn't it? Totally makes it up there on my summer highlights lists ;) And yes, I hope I never forget that alien conversation XD ((That's why I copied the text and took screenshots (ssshhh) ;)))

  5. AHHHH YES NANO WAS SO AWESOME!! I had so much fun with you!! (And everyone else :P)

    YUS, that aliens convo XDDDD The best.

    1. YES I STILL GET HAPPY FEELINGS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! I had fun with you, too!! It wouldn't have been the same without you :) Ridiculous conversations are always the best XD

  6. YAY FOR NANO!!!! I sort of did it, but I edited the first three chapters/12k words to a shine so I wasn't like, actively writing words. So I never actually updated my status. *sigh* Ah well. I can't wait for Nanowrimo in November! That will always be my favorite Nano event, I think. Are you going to do it?

    1. Hey, editing is a GREAT excuse for not actively NaNoing (just go with it). I would love to give November a shot, even though 50K really scares me. But it's good for motivation even if I don't intend to reach that. We'll have to see how possible it is with trying to get my book published, though. Hopefully so! :D

  7. CAMP NANO IS AWESOME. THIS POST IS AWESOME. And congrats on 50 posts!!! Your blog rocks *nods*.

    Happy early birthday!

    1. Aww, you totally made my day with this comment!! ^.^ Seriously, so sweet. I'm glad you enjoy it so much, because that is my goal :DD Thank you! :)

  8. I love this day-by-day review!!! It's so cool to see the different emotions and excuses that I feel while writing, but never record. I should really do something like this.

    Can't wait to read Andora's Folly! Let me know when this critique partner can be of service. :)

    Happy 50th post!!!

    1. Thank you! I'll have to remember to keep more of a log as I go along next time so that I can better describe the process. I didn't even start on this until well after :D

      I will certainly be utilizing you at some point! Probably around the new year :)

      Thanks!! I can't believe I'm there already!

  9. Oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :)

  10. Great job at Camp! You did an excellent job. :D

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Many good and writerly wishes to you. xD

    1. Thanks, Emily!

      THANK YOU!! I cannot ask for anything more than writerly wishes ^.^

  11. Oh, I absolutely LOVE these kind of posts. :) It's been so much fun to see what every one did during camp NaNo. :)
    Awesome job for winning!! Seeing the words 'You Won' are my favorite part of completing NaN. ;)

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!! :D

    1. Yay! It is very fun to get that feeling of accomplishment! I would not have reached 30K on my own, that's for sure :)

      Thank you! And thanks for the sweet e-mail! It made my morning ^.^

  12. Love your new look! Happy late birthday!

    1. Thanks!! Welcome back from camp :) Thank you! You're next :)

    2. You're welcome!! And thank you :) Oh yes, exactly a month and a half apart right? :)

  13. Hi! I'm new to your blog-- funny how I stumble on your Camp NaNoWriMo post, as I also competed in it several days ago, and a post about my novel project is coming up tomorrow. I'm glad to see you're more consistent about writing daily-- sometimes, chapters can leave one super exhausted and it's just hard to write the following day. ^.^ But congrats! You did it!

    xoxo Morning
    Ups & Downs

    1. Hi!! Thanks so much for commenting :) That is funny. Weeell, consistency comes and goes xD Camp NaNo was really helping me with that. Right now I'm focusing on editing and that's like pulling your own teeth. Congratulations to you as well! I look forward to your Camp post on your stunning blog!! :D


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