Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blogging Olympics Tag

The adorable Noor unofficially tagged me for this one. Meaning she tagged no one specifically (as I am prone to do) and I decided that it looked like fun! After all, I had to find some way to include the Olympics on my blog ;)


Use the Blogging Olympics image (or make your own)
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That's a no-brainer. USA!!! When we have no competitors, I vote for the home team or Great Britain (and all its derivative countries).
If you could compete in an event, what would it be? 
Probably volleyball or shooting. Or trampoline or equestrian. Not that I'm that great at any of those sports, but I enjoy all of them :)
Favorite event to watch? 
Volleyball, gymnastics, and swimming. My mom and cousin have played volleyball and I love our women's teams this year. Gymnastics because how?! And, again, I love our women's team so much! Swimming has become a more recent favorite of mine. We have so many great swimmers whether they're veterans or up and coming. So fun to see them compete! I also like that this is usually a briefer sport. 
Olympian you most admire? 
Hmm. Probably Kerri Walsh Jennings, the beach volleyball player. I love that she juggles being a Mom and athlete, and she's amazing to watch play. Of course, Michael Phelps is downright amazing and wears the half cocky/half sweet personality well and his baby!!. Our women's gymnastic team has such a great team spirit and two of the girls are from Texas this year (which explains it). ;) And then I was super impressed with David Boudia and Steele Johnson's blatant attribution to faith for their success in diving. That was really inspiring. I just wish everyone wore more clothes in that event D:
What sports do you currently play? 
Hahaha. Yeah. I don't play any sports. Never have, actually. I can hardly swim, can't ride a bike, and have terrible balance when walking on level ground, so . . . not all that athletic. Although I do make a great shortest person addition to a basketball team as long as you want me to keep the ball and not actually get it in the hoop ;) If I picked a sport to enter, it would be volleyball.
Summer or Winter Olympics? 
Summer. They have so many more sports and I enjoy watching most of the ones they show on NBC. I really only like skating and snowboarding in winter.
Ever been to see the Olympics in person?
No. It would be cool, though. I totally would have attended when it was in Calgary.
A sport that should be in the Olympics? 
Ice sculpting for the winter, because they need more sports. Or igloo building. For the summer, baking. I would enjoy watching cook-offs. Of course, I think writing should be an Olympic sport, too, but all viewers would die of boredom :/
What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics?
Extreme awe and terror. The "I'm here" (shock) and "I'm here" (death) feelings.

My question: If you could choose a location for the Olympics, what would it be?
I would choose New Zealand, because it's drop dead gorgeous and unique. I don't know any cities there, so wherever works :)


I tag those of you who do not live in the United States. Off the top of my head, I know that means Emily Mundell and Grace Osas. Anyone else who would like to, go for it! :)


I sincerely hope you are all being more productive than me right now. These Olympics are sooo distracting!


  1. Such a fun tag Abi!!! I love some of the same Olympic sports that you do. Gymnastics is awesome and maybe my favorite...I really like to watch swimming and diving too because they're so cool...and winter sports are pretty cool too like the Ice skating, snowboarding, snow car thingy (haha. I have know idea what it's called;P)...Olympics are super fun!

    And yay for the first comment. Woohoo! =D

    1. Thanks! Haha, you sum it up well. "Olympics are super fun!" I'll watch virtually any sport just because it's Olympic ;)

      Yay!! First comments are so fulfilling, aren't they? :P

  2. Oh my goodness, the Olympics are wayyyy too distracting. *sigh* I think swimming is my favorite...I would totally join the swim team if I was an athletic person. Maybe I inherited some talent from my dad and I must discover it???

    I like watching gymnastics and volleyball too, but not quite as much as swimming.

    1. I'm so glad you understand!! It's been a good year for you, then, because they've aired a LOT of live swimming! :) Yes, discover your true talent and I'll scream for you from my sofa ;D

  3. This is such a fun tag! :D

    The Olympics are awwwwwesome. o.o

    1. Isn't it? How could I refuse? ;)

      Yes. I die of amazement in every sport

  4. YEEESSS VOLLEYBALL!! Love volleyball :D And gymnastics, and swimming, and equestrian, and most everything but basketball, rugby, golf, table tennis, tennis, and a few others.

    I just love the Olympics!

    1. YES! I will watch anything as long as it's Olympic XD But I don't like the more traditional sports as much, either. Probably because I don't ever /watch/ traditional sports :P But they're pretty much available whenever, so I'm not gonna waste my time :)

  5. I love this tag! The Olympics are so much fun. I love our women's gymnastics team!

    1. Yes, the Olympics are so incredible and inspiring.

      YES! Two of the girls are from Texas which makes me so happy! ^.^ They're just such a great team and they all have such cute personalities.

  6. I totally agree with the "they should wear more clothes" thing lol

    1. Haha, yes. I love men's diving and women's beach volleyball, but both of those sports could use a wardrobe change. It kinda makes sense for diving I guess, because aerodynamics. But still. I usually only watch the last round, haha D:

  7. YESS. Volleyball for the win! *high five* I get sooo inspired by the Olympics and it's making me want to go sign up for a volleyball class right now. I would probably regret it right away, buuuut... :P

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. *high fives you back* Right? I've tried volleyball at family gatherings with my cousin. I'm decent at getting to the ball, but I can rarely hit it over the net, so ... slight issue there :P

  8. Whaaat? You can't ride a bike O.O. Meh, I don't even ride bikes anymore so whatever xD

    I have never watched the Winter Olympics before... just played Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics.

    And thanks for tagging me!

    1. Hehe, no. We've never had a good spot to learn at either of the houses I've lived in. My siblings have learned on our washed out dirt side road, but I've never been brave enough for that. XD

      Oh really? I don't remember the Winter Olympics as well, but I enjoy them, too :) Ha, I secretly still love that game XD

      You're welcome!! :D

  9. Cool tag, Abi!! AND YES, the gymnastics women team this year was soooo great! They were so close-knit and totally there for each other. And yes again, Michael Phelps half-cockiness. ;) He is AMAZING. And I like Ryan Lochte a lot too. And that was soooooooooo cool when David Boudia and his partner said those comments about their identities being in Christ! I don't think I WILL EVER FORGET THAT. We were watching when that happened, and I was so shocked and thought it was fantastic! I like watching gymnastics and swimming as well...and synchronized diving is so cool. Other than those sports I don't really watch anything... :P :)

    1. Thanks, Micaiah! Yes. Gymnastics and Phelps forever <3 I'm curious now that Laurie Hernandez and Ryan Lochte are going to be on Dancing with the Stars. I've only seen a few clips when Sadie Robertson danced, but I may have to look them up to see if they're any good!

      Yes, I was so proud of David Boudia and Steele Johnson! I was surprised they said something that strong, but I think that shows what a part of their life it is :)

      I don't watch any other sports either, haha. Actually, we don't even watch any other TV. Just movies :)


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