Saturday, June 15, 2019

Happy Father's Day // A Letter to Josiah

A while back I did a Mother's Day letter from Farris to Gemma set after Martin Hospitality. Since Father's Day is this weekend, I thought I would do the same thing ... except with a character named Kat (whom you'll meet in Martin Legacy) writing to her father, Josiah.

Kat is a unique character. While this letter is not actually in book 2, consider it a preview! Or a bonus. ;)

Dear Dad,
You know I don't like writing letters, but Mom said I had to do my own. 
I know I'm supposed to say you're the best dad ever, but I don't know whether you're the best dad in the world or not, because you're the only one I've ever had. We didn't even get to pick each other. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. 
I don't think I'm a disaster, though, and neither are you. That means things worked out just fine, I guess. God must have known what He was doing. 
Thanks for being my dad. And especially for making me do piano lessons when I was little and Mom was tired of making me. I love them now. I'll play your favorite song after supper for you.
Love you!
xo Kat


Any thoughts about Kat's personality? How do you celebrate Father's Day?


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