Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Importance of Health as a Writer

While I've been blessed enough to have never been diagnosed with any serious health conditions, I still care about my health. And interestingly enough, I think it's being a writer that has made me more dedicated to and conscious about how I'm doing!

In November 2017 I  had a doctor tell me my left wrist was overused--burned out--and prescribed me dictation software since typing made it flare up. No surgery was necessary which I was thankful for!! But rest was not the solution I wanted.

I wore a brace for a while, tried new stretches, and generally just ... didn't use my wrist. It wasn't until I tried a natural, plant-based nerve supplement about six months later that I saw true improvement. Even though I'm still pretty sure nerves weren't my actual problem, it gave me enough relief to heal up!

I would argue that everyone can benefit from quality natural health products because no one has perfect health! And I really had no big health issues. But I had plenty of small, irritating problems.

Once I quit overdoing and making do and instead starting putting effort into healing my wrist ... what I was calling writer's block also cleared up. Apparently a physical block can also be a creative block!

In contrast, there were also the times when I had so much in my head and simply couldn't get all on paper without hurting.

I know I'm far from being the only writer who can't write. My inability to write whenever I wanted for however long (and in whatever position) taught me some vital lessons. But I don't want any other writer to have to learn about burnout, overuse, and timing the hard way.

Whether you're a writer or not, your health matters! And how well you prioritize your health will show down the road if not right now. 

As predominantly writers here, though, I think it's all the more important to pay attention to our bodies. We've been given a gift to use to God's glory. If we destroy our body in the process, was it worth it?? Learning boundaries through trial and error is all this really comes down to, as tricky as that can be.

And I know that I can't actually keep you all from learning these things in your own way. Your path will look different than mine. You will fall down. The question is, will you get up, try again, and do better?

Yet for those of you who are already consumed with a chronic illness, recurring burnout, a painful wrist, or just plain aren't making progress in your work ... don't lose hope! Even when there's not a clear-cut answer, you can have hope. Because these apparent roadblocks are steps in your journey.

The extra attention, time, and money I've dedicated to my health this year has freed me as a writer. It's one less thing for me--an already "healthy" person--to worry about. Poor health is now one less thing that can stop me from pursuing my dreams.


So ... how was that for a much more personal post than usual? ;P If you're willing to share, I'd love to hear some about what your different struggles have been as a writer, health-related or not. What measures do you take for your health?


  1. AMEN. Oh my word. I have arm & hand muscle issues that have been a problem for nearly two years now, and I'm still learning how to appropriately handle them, but I've also been a lot more proactive about clean eating & medication (which is kinda important if you have an autoimmune disorder :P), and I've actually accomplished the most writing in the past two years as compared to previous years. I think that's largely because I've been able to take advantage of the times between rough patches; I've had to slow down during some months, but then I have more creativity stored up for the times when I can work. Thanks for sharing your story. <3

  2. I used to hate all sorts of physical exercise and being outside. But I started not feeling so well and not being able to read and write as much as I wanted without falling asleep. I've learned to love exercise and the sun soooo much and have also found I write better and more because of it ;) Hope your wrist does better ... had no idea that was possible ;0

  3. You're so encouraging, Abi! I savor hearing your story and how the Lord has lead you as a writer... He has such great plans for you, girl!

  4. I've enjoyed following along on your health journey on Instagram, and this post! They inspire me to take better care of my health and to understand more of the science behind how our body works. :)

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