Friday, August 4, 2017

Andora's Folly // Blog Tour Day 7

Welcome to Friday. This marks one week on the blog tour! Let's finish strong :D


Today's Schedule

There should be some great content on these blogs today! And you can thank Lisa for many of the good memes while you're over there ;)

Lisa // Interview Vlog
Abigail McKenna // Review

Giveaway + Snippet

I will choose a random winner of one Andora's Folly e-book from the comments on the first post when the blog tour ends tomorrow!

This quote may or may not be from the conflict point where Andora commits her Pandora deed ;)

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Hang in there, guys! This second blog tour of mine is nearly finished. Hope you're having fun <3 p="">


  1. "This is about me. Let me choose."

    This is such a great quote that perfectly sums up our selfishness that we all have inside ourselves. I have a feeling that Andora's Folly has a theme of redemption and selflessness that will reveal itself in the end.

    1. That's very true! At the same time, she's putting herself on the line here a little bit. You'll have to read this scene and let me know what you think ;) But yes! Those are definitely themes. It's so awesome that you picked up on them just through the quotes :D

    2. Yeah, I can see how she could be putting herself on the line a little bit. But I think that's a good thing in some ways because it gives her room to grow and for you, the author, it gives you a character arc to work with.

      Yeah, I think I get that from my mom. She's really good at picking up on underlying things in movies and books like plot twists and stuff like that. Also, I think I'm just a little heightened to those kind of themes because they mean a lot to me; themes of forgiveness, redemption, hope, love, and mercy speak to me the most, so I'm excited to see how they shine through in your novella. :)

  2. Great job on the tour so far, Abi! :)

  3. Congrats on the book, Abigayle! I never said it before, but I admire you and your drive so much!


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