Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Andora's Folly // Blog Tour Day 5

Are you still with me?? I've got more posts than usual and an extra special quote meme!


In case you're wondering, I've sold 5 copies of Andora's Folly so far, but none in August yet. Let's keep that number climbing! :D

Today's Schedule

This is the only day on the schedule where we have three participants, which is awesome! Be sure to see what they have to say :)

Mikayla // Review
Soleil // Spotlight
Ivy Rose // Spotlight + Review

Giveaway + Snippet

I will choose a random winner of one Andora's Folly e-book from the commenters on the first post at the end of the blog tour!

This is possibly my favorite quote meme ever because not only is it a sweet quote, but it's hand drawn by one of my beta readers, Lisa. Isn't that awesome? If quote memes and fan art had a child, this would be it. *heart eyes*

I'm running out of original things to say down here :P How has your week been thus far?


  1. Aww that's sweet of you. Looking forward to all those posts!

    Week's been full over here - actually freaking out with new stuff happening so I enjoy it and love seeing your new post everyday xD

    1. Ah, no problem. I'm SO excited you made that for me!! :)

      Oooh that sounds like an adventure ;) I'm glad you're enjoying them all! I never really know if people want to keep up with an entire blog tour or not.

  2. Five copies! Wahoo! Let's keep that coming!

  3. That's beautiful! Love the book quote! :D

    1. Thank you, Laura!! I was so thrilled Lisa made it for me ^.^

  4. That quote is so beautiful. It's so perfect and I love everything about it! <3

    1. Thank you thank you thank yooouuu!!!

    2. You're welcome you're welcome you're welcomeeeee!!


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