Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Be a Consistent Blogger

This is a topic on my mind at the moment since it's 11am on Saturday and I just realized I hadn't even started a blog post for this week. That happened to me a lot when I first began blogging, too. Looking back, I have a few tips on how to remain consistent!

If I've ever edited for you, you know I say "consistency is the key" ... like twenty gazillion times. Same goes with just about everything else in life but especially blogging.

In order to be consistent when I first started out, I:

  • set a low goal (at least one post a week)
  • made a schedule (every Saturday morning)
  • and occasionally planned ahead (schedule post feature, anyone?)
I'd say the only other thing I've really added to that list is keeping a running list of post ideas. I have several unfinished posts in my blog drafts, and I have an ongoing list of ideas in the notes on my phone. Yes, there are some ideas I'll probably never use. But it's great to have a starting point when I have days like today with zero ideas.

It's also really nice to have a go-to post style. I prefer to not do pictures because that takes too much time and effort. Most of my posts are tips or how-to posts. I also enjoy tying them to whatever's new to me in the writing world--what I'm learning.

So consistent blogging? That came to mind because I'm late on this post. ;)

There's no one formula for everyone, but trust me: it's well worth the time to find your comfort zone. It's very helpful for when you're in more of a crunch! Though, in general, I found that the more I blogged the more I remembered and looked forward to blogging. 

It all comes down to willpower, honestly. I've been blogging for a while now and so I don't intend to miss this Saturday even if I am late. It's all about the track record and being around to engage all you wonderful peeps on a regular basis!!
Do you struggle with consistency in blogging? What's your favorite kind of blog post to write?


  1. I so agree with consistency! I keep tons of draft posts too (over twenty right now) and like to keep my blog at least a month to two months ahead scheduled, because I'm too busy to worry about writing a blog post every week. My favorite sorts of blog posts to write are on faith and life. But I do have some writing posts planned for the future on beta reading and purposeful writing. Oh, and I love my satire posts which are rare, because sometimes they can be offensive ;0

    1. WOW, teach me your scheduling ways!!! I do good to be a single week ahead, and even that's not very often. xD Hehe, satire is a dangerous beast. I commend your bravery ;)

    2. Great ideas! I usually post on Saturday but recently I've had trouble being consistent.
      Going to try to make out a list of blogging ideas! :)

    3. I hope that helps you! Consistency is hard. ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips, Abi! I'm working on being more consistent with blogging. The schedule post feature is a literal life saver. :P

    1. You're welcome. Life saver for sure xD I just need to get on my game and use it more.

  3. Scheduling posts... *weak laughter*

    I've been blogging for four months, and there have already been two instances where I've forgotten to post. xD

    1. Haha xD I'm sure I forgot more at the beginning. I was doing great for a while, but I've been forgetting more and more frequently ... think that's just how busy I am ;P

  4. Yessss consistency is soooo important in blogging! In the past couple of years I've gotten into the swing of writing and having scheduled posts although I've been a bit off as of late.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

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