Saturday, September 1, 2018

Why Blogs Will Never Die + Author Website

I keep hearing things that say blogs are on their way out. I've not done any research on why people are saying this or if they're actually dying out, but I think it's impossible for them to die off completely for a couple reasons.

First, I don't intend to stop blogging for a long time. Therefore, at least one blog will remain on the internet. I can't imagine not blogging anymore if I'm honest. Which is crazy because I used to be SO turned off by the very idea of a blog. But here we are. God thinks He's funny or something.

Second, blogs are community-based! And while "professionals" keep saying blogs are phasing out, the desire for community is only getting stronger. It's almost reached the level of being a buzzword in today's culture, so why would something that helps unite people of common interests die?

Third, I really think blogs are unique. While exceptions of course exist, they're not life journals or formal articles. They're a beautiful blend where personality meets help. Again--a community! Blogs are great if only to know you're not alone.

Fourth, they're newsletters on steroids. Despite what professionals have been saying for a very long time, mailed-to-people's-homes newsletters (real print ones!) are still effective according to mutliple business professionals I've heard from lately. They can be more effective than electronic ones even ... And what are blogs but an electronic newsletter on steroids?

Fifth, I want to trust agents and publishers. If blogs were really on their way out, would all of us younglings be turned away for a platform that's too small? There are other platforms--I get that. But blogs die without community. I can have 500 followers without any interaction elsewhere. So I think numbers mean more here--and I think the big guys know that.

So I'm not sure why people think blogs are dying. I guess it's because blogs are easily abandoned, the internet evolves, kids these days don't read as much.

That doesn't mean blogs have to die! That just means presentation might have to be tweaked in order to meet muster. But, really, flexibility is what marketing and being successful is all about, then I know nothing.

*shrug* That's just me. I guess I'll believe it when I'm the only blog left standing.

Now, for the big news.


Yes, I'll give you the link and all that good stuff, but I want to explain. I'm not going to stop blogging. I just wanted a more professional space to ... be professional! That way I can have my services, salesy links, and snazzier design over there without having to touch much here.

So expect minor changes to the pages at the top, but that's about it. The editing page will go away and perhaps some other things. If you're super attached to something, let me know! All of this is in an effort to make things better for all of you.

Now, for the link. You can visit my author website at Not too complicated, right?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Do you think blogs are on their way out? Why or why not?

ALL THE THOUGHTS on the author website!!


  1. I love the new author website, Abi! <3 And I definitely don't think blogging is on the way out. I actually just wrote a post that mentioned that I don't want to stop :p (Not posted yet.) And from what I've seen it seems like more people are STARTING blogs, not stopping blogging...

    1. Yay, I'm glad you like it!! Oh how funny, I'll keep my eyes open for it xD That's so true! People are still starting them (and being told to), so ... yeah, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. ;)

  2. I don't think blogging is on the way out in the writing world, at least. Maybe in other spheres, but I don't think in writing circles.

    Also - the website is super cool!!! Love the video!!

    1. Very true! I guess I can see that others might be phasing out ... but still. I don't think famous people would be investing time in them if they weren't seeing results.

      Thanks! I'm glad you like it ;)

  3. I shall be that other blogger still up and running when the universe collapses and all the other blogs die out. ;P


    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  5. hehe.

    (yeah, just laughing at "the professionals". :D) Great post, dear Abi!

    Lilian |

    1. ehehe I'm glad someone appreciates my pathetic sense of sarcasm xD

  6. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I can't believe that we've got the same website anniversary now. <3

  7. I never intend to stop blogging either :) And I like to say successful blogs are social — so, yeah, I don't think they are dying either :)

  8. Yup blogs will never if there is writers like you :)
    LOve the video and your website is awesome.

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