Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Bibliophile Sweater Tag

It has been ages since I've posted a tag on my blog. Lately I've been answering them in my newsletter, which is where this one was supposed to go ... but I'm writing this at 11:09pm on Friday night and no blog topics are speaking to me. PLUS, this is no ordinary tag. This tag is not only 10000x cuter and more loveable than most, it was created by my friend Mary. I first saw the tag when my other friend Katie Grace did it and was all aesthetic and everything.

Yes, I know it's nowhere near sweater weather right now (*cries*), but I can dream. There's a thunderstorm going on outside so it at least gets me in a cuddly sweater mood even if it's more humid than a sauna. ;)

Fuzzy sweater

(a book that is the epitome of comfort)

Some Kind of Happiness by Clare Legrand

I know this may seem like an odd choice if you've read it because it's anything but fluffy. I don't think I've related to a book so much in my life, though! And it's kind of all about finding comfort and figuring things out. :)

Striped sweater

(book which you devoured every line of)

The Out of Time Series by Nadine Brandes

These books have everything I could ask for and so much more, including keeping me up late and having the most powerful spiritual themes  in the history of spiritual themes. The whole series received 10/10 shrooms from me.

Ugly Christmas sweater

(book with a weird cover)

Entwined by Heather Dixon

I feel like I just made enemies. *hides* Don't get me wrong, this is another 10/10 shrooms book, but the cover does not match anything I had in my head while reading it. Plus, there's just a little too much happening for my taste. But the book is really good. ;)

Cashmere sweater

(most expensive book you've bought)

Write Great Fiction Series by various (Writer's Digest)

I know the series was on sale, but I still think it was a lot of money. Like ... a lot. Or maybe it came with a magazine subscription or something?? There was a special, OK? xD I'm still working my way through these and hope to get the editing and revision one I'm missing from the series at some point.


(favorite classic book)

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska Orczy

I mean, I just never tire of it. It's got history, action, espionage, heroism, mystery, and it's so utterly witty and romantic. I've gotten two of my siblings and my mom to read it after hearing I enjoyed it so much which is probably a record. ;)


(book that you bought on impulse)

Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull

I grabbed this one off Thriftbooks for cheap because it had a cute cover and sounded neat. And was cheap. I haven't read it yet! *hides* I hope it's a fun one. If it's not my cup of tea, you may be seeing it in a giveaway here at some point xD

Turtleneck sweater

(book from your childhood)

Bread and Jam for Francis by Russel Hogan

What kind of horrible decision-making question is this?! xD The Alphapets, Runaway Ralph, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Newton ... they're all ingrained in my childhood.

Homemade knitted sweater

(book that is Indie-published)

The Sorceress and the Squid by Emily Mundell

I felt like picking one of my own is cheating and I cannot say enough good things about this book. All of you must read it!!! It's so whimsical and clever and fun, I can't even handle it. Another 10/10 shrooms for sure.

V-neck sweater

(book that did not meet your expectations)

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

I promise I did try to come up with something more original here ... but alas. This is one of the most disappointing  book series I've ever read. And yes, I did wade through the entire trilogy hoping it would get better. It didn't. Maybe 4/10 shrooms? I loved the premise, but that was about it.

Argyle sweater

(book with a unique format)

Me: *sees pretty purple hardback in Barnes & Noble*
*opens book and finds pretty formatting*
*reads inside cover flap and is beyond intrigued*
*shelves other books and spends entire gift card*
(Yes, this could also count as an impulse buy!) I get to read this starting next week and I'm SO EXCITED!!! It sounds like Victorian England meets futuristic, sciencey England and dude I'm all for it. Really hoping this is at least an 8 shroom read. It's got some dividers, quotes, "web pages" and other neat things I'm looking forward to diving into.

Polka dot sweater

(a book with well-rounded characters)

The Sentinel Trilogy by Jamie Foley

Her characters are gold and make her epic universe even more awesome. She nails a bunch of character arcs and even mulitple POV really well. Right up there with Hunger Games and Harry Potter in my book!
All of those books were either very highly recommended or very highly not recommended :P SUCH A FUN TAG! I'm lame, so I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'd love to hear your answers on your blog or in the comments. :D What are your thoughts on books, sweaters, and this adorable tag?? ^.^


  1. Ooh I love this!! I might just have to steal this someday ;)

    1. This has been one of my favorites, but it was also kind of hard!! Maybe it's been too long since I've done a full tag hehe xD

  2. Wow, this is a cool tag! Thank you for the mention, it made me feel all fluffy!! :DD Also, how is it not sweater weather still!?!? We are halfway through April and it is STILL CURRENTLY SNOWING HERE. I am seriously jealous. I want a thunderstorm.

    1. Isn't it awesome?!?!? I loved it xD

      Aww, you're welcome ^.^

      I wish it was still sweater weather!!! I love my cold weather wardrobe so much more xD We've had a few cold Easters, but usually we're sweating by then. We keep having cool offs which are making the allergies REALLY BAD with all the pollinating trees. Last night it got down to 40F, 63F when I got up, and 83F by the afternoon -_- Texas weather is bipolar. The thunderstorm was great and I'm loving cooler mornings, but I really need the weather to make up its mind xD

  3. I love this tag! I completely forgot about Bread & Jam for Francis o.O

    1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who read that as a kid!! <3

  4. I've been tagged to do this tag too... must get to it ;D I really want to read Nadine's books!

    Speaking of tags... I tagged you in another ;D

    1. Ha, I actually wasn't tagged (I don't think). I just decided to do it :P But it was fun!

      You should!! They're really one of the best series I've ever read and I want to reread them so badly!

      SWEET!! Thank you so much! I really debated on whether or not to do this because then I wouldn't have anything for my newsletter--but now I will. So be sure to look for answers to your questions in my newsletter ;P

  5. I do not like sweaters (as a rule). I am very warm-blooded. But I do like tags. So here goes. :P

    Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort): Hmm. . . any of my childhood loves. “Anne of Green Gables Series” (L.M. Montgomery), “Little Women” (Louisa May Alcott), “Grandma's Attic Series” (Arleta Richardson), “Heidi” (Johanna Spyri), “Little House Series” (Laura Ingalls Wilder) . . . yeah.

    Striped sweater (book which you devoured every line of):
    Jesseca Wheaton's “A Question of Honor.” I lovvvve that booook!!! <3 <3 <3

    Ugly Christmas sweater (book with a weird cover):
    Maybe “When Poetry Takes Flight”, a compilation of poems by young people in Canada, published by Young Writers of Canada? I mean, like, a stork does not equal poetry. And that cover is not at all dreamy like the title suggests.

    Cashmere sweater (most expensive book you've bought):
    I have no idea??? I don't really buy books. Maybe “Stowaway” by Karen Hesse? Or the complete “Meet Kirsten” series by Janet Shaw??

    Hoodie (favorite classic book):
    Ahhhh. . . so. many. choices. I'll say “Black Beauty.” How I love it. <3

    Cardigan (book that you bought on impulse): I do not buy books on impulse lol. . . so all I can think of is the Kirsten treasury mentioned above, which I grabbed at Value Village because a friend had many other American Girl books . . .

    Turtleneck sweater (book from your childhood):
    So many choices again!!! I'll say “Pollyanna” by Eleanor H. Porter. I love it so much. (And I love Mr. Popper's Penguins”! That was my first chapter book. ;) I loved it to bits. ;) )

    Homemade knitted sweater (book that is Indie-published):
    Ohhh, how can I choose??? One of my favourites is “Home Fires of the Great War” by Rebekah A. Morris. And “Journey to Love” by Amanda Tero. And one which is both beautiful inside and out is “Jonas & Olivia” by Victoria Minks. And . . . I'll stop here. xP

    V-neck sweater (book that did not meet your expectations):
    Uh. . . “A Question of Courage” by Jesseca Wheaton. It just wasn't as thrilling as book #1. ;) I will probably like it better when I reread it, now that I know what it is. :)

    Argyle sweater (book with a unique format):
    Hm! “A Really-Truly Princess” by Amanda Kastner. The print is so gorgeous inside!!!! And it's so cool how she did black-and-white illustrations for Rosellen's life, and solid black with white details for the tales Rosellen reads.

    Polka dot sweater (a book with well-rounded characters):
    Uh. . . The “What Katy Did” series by Susan Coolidge. Few people can make characters grow up properly and be different but still themselves. (And I love Ned. <3)

    ~Katja L.

    1. Ohh I've heard of/read lots of these! Pollyanna and Mr. Popper's Penguins are both really good! I love Little Women and Little House, too ;) Jesseca's books are good, aren't they? I've loved getting to edit those for her. She's come a long way. I hope to get to more indie books published by people I know before too long. Ah! I have to get better about making time to read :P I have a miniature Kirsten doll from American Girl. I remember enjoying her books!

      Thanks so much for sharing your answers!!! This was really fun to read :D

  6. Yesss! Love this post! The divergent series disappointed me as well!

    1. Thanks! I'm relieved to hear I'm not alone in that ... not that I'd wish disliking an entire hyped book series on someone ;)


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