Monday, July 31, 2017

Andora's Folly // Blog Tour Day 3

Welcome to Monday, the day of the week that is either my best or worst. How about we make it a good one this week?


Today's Schedule

Another excellent review is being featured today, as well as the first and only person brave crazy enough to do all three kinds of posts. Both of these lovely ladies were also beta readers for Andora's Folly.

Hanne T // Review
Victoria Lynn // Spotlight + Interview Vlog + Review

Giveaway + Snippet

We all know I love a giveaway ;) I will choose a random winner of one Andora's Folly e-book from the commenters on the first post at the end of the blog tour!

This meme comes from one of my favorite scenes in the book and was created by Lisa.

I'm so thrilled at all the reviews coming in! I think I have more on Amazon for Andora's Folly than I do for Martin Hospitality now XP What do you think of the interview vlogs?? They're SO fun to make!


  1. I'm so glad you are getting great reviews. :) I'm sorry I couldn't do one on Amazon for you (I don't have my own account :P). Your vlogs are great! All the posts done so far are wonderful too :D

    1. Me, too, haha!! I never know exactly what people have thought overall until I read their reviews and I'm always BLOWN AWAY! That's totally okay! I still use my parents' account for reviews even though I have my own because I haven't met the purchase threshold yet :P I'm glad you're enjoying it all :)

  2. Yayy!! It was so much fun being part of your release team! Thank you for having me!

    1. Of course!! You were a HUGE help. I really appreciate everything you've done for me and my novel :D


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