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The Sorceress and the Squid by Emily Mundell // Blog Tour

Guess what book releases today?! The Sorceress and the Squid by my friend Emily Mundell. Trust me, I've read it and it's amazing. I know some of you have heard me talk about it before, but now you can actually go get a copy! :D You can read Emily's kickoff post here.

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First of all. Is that cover not amazing? I love it so much!! It's even neater because Emily commissioned a friend to paint it for her. I love that Micah Jonsson chose the nighttime scene; it fits the book so well.

Here's the description:

In the magical land of Perth, divisions between the Old Kingdom and the New have waged for centuries. The humans have long harbored a mistrust of the spell-casting Fae and vice versa. In the midst of this conflict, Estrella the Sorceress lays waste to the Training Academy for Human Warriors, making an enemy in the soldier, Jalen. During their standoff, Jalen is turned into a squid and Estrella, unable to restore him to his original form, takes pity on him and travels west across the Sea to bring him to the Wizard in hope he can be saved. But is there more to the unrest in Perth than meets the eye?

Hello, you should all want to read it now, because that description is awesome xP But here are some graphics Emily's concocted from Pinterest to give you a better look at her story. (Except for the last one which I made.)

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I know, that's a lot of images. But this book is so quoteable! That's its first major virtue.

Another thing I love about it, is all the characters are so creative. Because it's fantasy there are a lot of different species, the main distinction being humanoid and Fae (Old Kingdom). It's so clever though, because how many different hostilities and misunderstandings do we have in the real world based on race and religion?? There's so much credibility to the humanoids who want to rid the world of the Fae, just because they don't understand them and are fearful of their magical capabilities.

That's another part I loved: the magic. I know magic isn't for everyone, but let me assure you that if you can enjoy the lighthearted magical elements of C. S. Lewis (if only for their deeper meanings) then you can enjoy this, too! I loved how Emily described Estrella's spells and the repercussions she has to deal with ... the primary one being turning poor Jalen into squid ;)

Which brings me to another point. Besides the names all being precious and unique (but still pronounceable), the characters are just as precious. That really is the best way to describe them in my opinion. That doesn't mean they're always straightforward. Estrella is super grouchy in the beginning, but Jalen's such a sweetheart and watching them learn to get along is so fun.

And I have to mention the dedication as well. I loved it and having read the book before there was a dedication, they fit each other perfectly.

All in all, the entire story made me smile and curl my toes, and that really is the biggest compliment I can give :) So 10/10 shrooms. I've read it 1.5 times now and nothing stands out to dislike, so full points to a story that I love.

Emily Mundell is a 19 year old author, artist, horsewoman and lover of the wonders of the wide world. She hails from the Great White North of Canada and has spent her life growing up in the heart of rural Alberta in a close-knit farming community - though she has often entertained fantasies of inhabiting the Shire.

Writing is her true passion – though horses and art take a close second. With fantasy as her primary genre, Emily has been writing stories since the tender age of eight when she finished her first “book.” She is currently working to complete her Creative Writing Certificate through the University of Calgary. An avid bookworm, true country-mouse, and unconventional tree-climber, Emily can usually be found on a horse, working on one of her half-dozen projects, chasing a loose cow, or being swept off her feet by the man she calls her own personal “hobbit.”

Find her on her ...


There you have it! Did I sell you on the book? ;) It's worth your time, especially if you enjoy clever fantasy or adventure. It's just extra awesome that you get to support a deserving indie author at the same time!

I'll be returning to my normal posting schedule on Saturdays now. Be sure to check out some other stops in Emily's blog tour! And definitely let me know if you get a chance to read the book :D


  1. Sounds cool. ;) maybe I'll check it out sometime if I see it around. And knowing me, I'll jump up and down and squeal like a psycho if I ever see any books by the bloggers I follow at Barnes and Nobles.

    1. Yes, you MUST!! Golly, that would be amazing <3 Martin Hospitality is on the B&N website, but I'm afraid they don't stock self-published items on their shelves :/

  2. Love your review and love the book! And all the pictures! :D

    - Lisa

  3. Wow, this is so awesome, Abi! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love your added graphic. XD Thank you for all the help and the glowing review - you're wonderful! :D

    Ahhh, this makes me so so excited!!

    1. You're totally welcome!! Aww I'm glad ^.^ I'm so glad I could be helpful. You should be SO proud of yourself! :DD


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