Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Vlog and Ramblings #3

It's a double-feature vlog and random information! Who can pass that up, right? Also check out who won the giveaway!

Brought to you by the lovely Ivy Rose, I was disappointed when I never managed to film the 3rd vlog and submit my link. Now we're onto the 4th round, but I decided to cheat. So I answered the questions for both installments in this video. Hopefully the quality's okay; I was trying out my new phone in my room (with bad lighting) so it's not great ;) But I answered the questions!

What did you think? You have until April 15th to submit your video to Ivy's linkup. As I mentioned in the vlog, you'll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. If you haven't tried vlogging yet, it's worth a shot! Just go with it. I didn't even wear makeup this time because it was 9pm. Be you and people will love it :)

For the rambling updates bit, my cousin is coming to stay for Spring Break and all my college friends will be home this weekend so I'm trying not to freak out!! Pictures may spam your Facebook. Or we may have too much fun for pictures. We'll see ;)

I will be doing Camp NaNo this April. I'm actually beginning March 15 as a part of Ivy's NaNo make-up and I'm going to follow that all the way through the end of April with the real NaNo, if that makes any sense. Basically 6 weeks of NaNo to write 50,000 words on my next novel Martin Crossings. Hopefully.

I'm also trying to figure out what writing conferences I'm going to attend this year. Everything's so expensive for us poor indie authors *cries*

That being said, I have some free resources for you. I'm participating in this indie e-con this year, so if any of you would like to attend, definitely check that out! It will take place on Kendra's blog

Second, Michael Hyatt's webinars. He ranked high in Thomas Nelson and has really helpful webinars every now and then with applicable steps to success that you fill out in a nifty handout. He has one coming up this Monday & Tuesday called The 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity. Even if you can't make one of the live one, sign up so you get the recording access :)

And now for the giveaway winners!!

won the signed Martin Hospitality paperback

won the typewriter postcards and bottlecap magnets

won the watercolor notebook and postcard

Congrats, ladies! You should have an e-mail from me asking for your mailing address ;)

A vlog and rambling, just as promised. Hopefully you found some of that helpful and fun. Thanks for entering the giveaway! What random life updates do you have for me?


  1. Congratulations, girls!! Thanks for the vlog, Abigayle!! I might just have to buy your book because the cover is SO gorgeous!! ;)

    - Lilly Shyree (

    1. Sure thing! I really love doing vlogs now :D I need to find more creative way to use them!

      I'm glad you're reading it right now. That's so awesome!!

  2. This was great! I don't know why, but I just really love it when you do vlogs! :)

    You're going to be a part of Ivy's NaNo Make-Up? Me to! I'm so excited because I've never done this before. :P

    1. Thanks, Karyssa! I love watching other people's vlogs, too. They're fun to film, so I need to do it more.

      It's been so fun to do Ivy's NaNo with you! I have to write another 4k before this month is over hehe O.O

  3. Yay!!! I loved your vlog! You are so calm and collected--I seem to loose my head in front of the camera. Or maybe I do that all the time. ;)

    Thanks for participating in the challenge!!!!

    1. Hehe thanks. I sometimes get nervous or tongue-tied, but it's not bad. They're really fun to film, but I do feel like I'm focusing really hard, which means I'm easily distracted and don't always say everything I want to XP

      Sure thing! It's always fun :D


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