Saturday, May 7, 2016

Top Ten Villains Tag

This has been sitting my queue for a while. Finally get around to it on this lazy Saturday :) Thanks for the tag, Rebekah!


1. Post the button.
2. Thank the blogger who tagged you.
3. List your top ten favorite villains and why you chose them (they can be from movies or books).
4. Tag ten other bloggers. (Ha!)


1. Khan from Star Trek

Okay, so any of the Khans from any of the Star Treks are pretty creepy. But the newest one was Benedict Cumberbatch, so . . . yeah ^.^ He represents alien evil to me.

2. The Master from Doctor Who

You don't have to watch Doctor Who to understand how unnerving this guy is. And he can regenerate, so he isn't usually in the same form. And he's just really, really evil and somehow always manages not to die. Again, alien evil that the teeny little world of mortals is oblivious to. He's the hard to identify villain.

3. The Smoking Man from The X-Files

That's actually his name. That or Cancer Man. He's a sneaky FBI dude who's always foiling the protagonists' discoveries and leading them down rabbit trails. He's infuriatingly hard to ruffle. And he's really hard to kill, too. This guy is much more real to me and basically the typical political enemy.

4. Severus Snape from Harry Potter

Villain or not villain? That's basically this guy's conundrum. Come to find out, he always knows exactly where he stands. He just likes to leave others guessing. Alan Rickman really made this character come alive. His life story is so interesting!

5. Tavington from The Patriot

This guy has literally given me nightmares for my entire childhood. He's Satanic and cruel and cold-hearted and will kill you if he feels like it. Also, he's based off a real man: Colonel Tarleton, so that's why I chose him.*shudder*

6. Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight

Duh. He's borderline insane but very smart at the same time. And he tells really horrifying stories before he kills you in a very brutal and artistic way. Everyone needs a sassy psychopath.

7. Mr. Waternoose from Monsters, Inc.

Who decided to combine a crab and spider and make him the bad guy in a Pixar show? I don't know. But he was always way creepier than Randall. I mean, he has a ton of eyes and can run up walls! This is basically my childhood villain. :)

8. The Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera

Forboding and misunderstood, he makes a really great, heart-wrenching villain. And he sings :) This guy's my obsessive villain.

9. Javert from Les Miserables

He's not really a villain, but he's pursuing the main character the entire story, so . . . yeah. He also sings while trying to overcome his justice/mercy conundrum. I found that interesting, because he thinks he's doing the right thing by persecuting an escape convict who stole bread. He has to realize the value of mercy, and that struck home with me.

10. Elphaba from Wicked

Again, hardly a villain. But she is known as the Wicked Witch of the West (who's quite scary). I think she's complex and insecure, but very smart. The kind of villain I'd want to be. I cannot wait to see Wicked this upcoming week!


Yeah, well, if this appeals to you and you haven't done it, go for it. If not, no worries. Everyone happy? Good :)


I just realized all my villains were from movies or TV shows. Not a single one from a book exclusively! But all the ones from books are pretty traditional: Moriarty, Sauron, The White Witch, Judas. You get the idea ;) Let me know how you liked the tag and if you're going to do it. How many of these were familiar to you?


  1. *whispers* I didn't do villains from books either, so don't worry. XD
    We had some of the same villains though! (hence I can't compliment you on your good choice in villains without indirectly complimenting myself. :P)

    1. Phew! Ugh, you're so indirectly vain *sarcasm* Yeah, I realized some of ours were the same, but I have no regrets. So there. ;)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS LES MISERABLES IS AMAZING DON'T GET ME STARTED ON A RABID FANGIRL RANT. Just... AHH, I love it so much. <3 And Javert was an excellent character -- so conflicted! I started feeling really sorry for him at the end there... I wish he could've found redemption.

    I just love Les Mis, as I'm sure you've guessed. ;) Even though like EVERYONE dies in that story. So. :P

    I haven't heard of any of the other villains besides Severus Snape. And he... wasn't really a villain in my book? :P Ah, well. :)

    Loved your list! And everyone seems to loved Doctor Who, and I'm sitting here not knowing a thing about it. :P Haha. :D

    1. Yes, Les Mis is amazing!! I watch it several times a year late at night, so I can just melt *sigh* I love inspirational singing so much!!! Yes, Javert's predicament was so captivating. A good reminder to me not to be so set in my "good" ways. The ending left me content, though, even though it wasn't as happy as it could have been.

      Yeah, Snape is only a semi-villain. He was always a villain in the children's minds while they're still trying to understand what his deal is. I ended up loving him by the time everything wrapped up!

      I was in that Doctor Who boat for a long time. We got onto it late and while I really enjoy it, it's sometimes a little too bizarre or suggestive for my taste. In general, I am not a sci-fi fan. But it's very clever. :) So don't feel bad. Not every fandom's worth joining. It totally depends on the person ;)

  3. Ahhhh I love this tag! I might try to do it because FUNSIES XP

    I recognized most of them. I want to see Wicked sooo badly ahhhh. I love all the songs. *dreamy sigh* And I love the joker heeeehehe. And Phantom. I went to see that play recently with some friends and it was A M A Z I N G.

    1. Yay! I'll watch for your post ;)

      Yeeeeees! I've been wanting to see Wicked since my aunts saw it ten years ago. I knew half the songs already and everything ;P So it was totally awesome to finally get to see it. I just wanted to melt by the end of it. So good!!! I would love to see Phantom sometime, but for now the movie will have to suffice. I did see a video of an anniversary performance once and that was worth seeing. It's such a heart-wrenching story, both of them!

  4. Good picks, Khan and Joker are two of my favorites.

    1. Yeah, why are creepy psychos so intriguing? I feel strangely interested in them, hehe.

  5. Ooo...good ones. I recognize some of them, all though I don't think I've seen any of the movies/TV shows except Monster Inc. ;) I've heard of all of them, so that counts for something, right? ;)
    Thanks for doing the post! I enjoyed seeing your villains. :)

    1. Well Monsters Inc is a hard one to beat ;) It totally counts that you've heard of them all! You're welcome. I think I knew most of yours, but not all, so we're even :)

  6. I've never seen Wicked or heard any of the songs. Have you seen the musical? Is it good?

    1. I just saw the musical this week with my aunts, a cousin, and my sister. IT WAS AWESOME! It's not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure. But calling it a "prequel to the Wizard of Oz" totally gets you off on the wrong foot. It's really well written and funny and the music is very powerful in a modern way. It's a Broadway, so not much operatic singing at all, even though I don't mind that :) It follows the Wicked Witch of the West and the "Bubble Witch's" friendship through school and gets you all the way through the events of Wizard of Oz with a unique twist. It's got some great statements on truth, right, wrong, morality, and that sort of thing. It was cleaner than I thought it might be, too. So, yeah. I highly recommend it :) And listening to some of the songs won't completely ruin the storyline for you if you want to do that to test it out. I knew half of them going into it and still didn't know what was going on!

    2. I'll have to check it out at some point does look pretty interesting. Also doesn't hurt that Indina Menzel plays the witch. :P

    3. Goood :) Yes, Idina was the original and she is definitely the best! She's usually the one singing any songs you find ;)

  7. I'm not really into movies so I only recognised Snape and The Joker.

    1. That's all right, those are the some of the best!!! :D Several were from musicals as well ;)

  8. I love this. I'm stealing it for my blog.


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