Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tag, You're It!

Rachael tagged me for the Get to Know Me Tag and I am very excited to do it. Thanks, Rachael!!

~Vital Stats~

Name: Abigayle. It's spelled different after my grandmother, Gayle.

Nicknames: Abi, Babs, and Blabbergayle (thank you loving grandfather. Apparently I was extroverted when I was little XD) I will not respond to any of these except Abi, so don't even think about it.

Place of Birth: Austin, Texas

Star sign: Apparently it's Leo, and the definition they had for it is pretty darn accurate. Creepy? Yes. Now a horoscope follower? Haha, no.


Best friend: My twin cousin, Madison. No, we're not actually twins nor do we look anything alike, but I beat her into the world by 18 hours. I still can't believe she gets to graduate first . . . And my sis, Vivienne

Award: Um. Since I don't do sports or awana or anything competitive . . . I got an medal for participation in a Park Day once and another for learning a President's song. I can still sing all the way through, thank you very much. That's literally all I can think of.

Sport: I have never done any sports except at homeschool get togethers. I'm average at actual sports like baseball and basketball. I die in running and swimming.

Real holiday: The first legit vacation I remember was going to my great-grandfather's cabin in Colorado and singing hymns on a big hill to my grandfather's guitar. I think I was about 2 1/2 or 3. This is also my earliest memory.

Concert: I've heard my friend's orchestra once and have gone to see the opera Romeo and Juliet.


Film: You've Got Mail, hands down. Her cute hair, the bookstores, New York, the seasons, and all the quirky music. It's just the best. PG for a reason (I'm kind of surprised it's not PG-13), but the best. It's a remake of The Shop Around the Corner (which I have never been able to track down, so if you have suceeded let me know!). Now I have to share a quote that sums up why I adore it:

Now I want to watch this movie

TV Show: Doctor Who, When Calls the Heart, Call the Midwife (and all the ones below that I am currently watching

Color: A neutral purple or anything the word "icy" could preclude

These are both from Design Seeds and you should really stalk them on Pinterest.

Song: Um, I get Josh Groban and songs from Les Mis or Phantom stuck in my head a lot. But one of my favorites of late has been Open Fields of Grace sung by Jackie Evancho. It just makes me want to go to Heaven and hear the angels sing.

Restaurant: Novelty cafes. We have an awesome Italian one in town and a French one near Austin that are both to die for, with authentic Italian and French owners, of course!

Books: Little Women, The Hunger Games, the Canadian West series


Feeling: Lathargic and sleepy :P

Single or taken: This question cracked me up. Because I'm sure you're all dying to know, I'm single

Eating: Nothing at the moment. But I had avocado toast for a snack and am having grilled pork chops for supper. (Actually, this took me so long that I had to have some chocolate.)

Watching: X-Files, Sherlock (finally!!), and Downton Abbey. That basically sums up all of my fangirl sides.

Wearing: A striped shirt, my favorite green skirt, and no shoes.


Want Children: Yes. At least 5 :D I may or may not already have some names I love.

Want to be married: I think we can all assume yes, given my answer to the last question, but obviously it rely on God's plan for my life.

Careers in mind: Editing, writing, and maybe copywriting? Otherwise, continuing to help out with whatever I can. For example, I currently do bookkeeping for a local business, paralegal work for my dad, and lots of babysitting.

Where you want to live: In a state with cooler weather. My only complaint with Texas is that it is always so stinking hot! We have June bugs already, people. June bugs!! Have you any idea how much I hate them? Ideally, I'd live in Virginia because I love its history, or Washington because I love its weather (not that I've ever been). Or Pennsylvania, because I have a thing for the Amish. Or in a Dutch country with windmills, rolling hills, and frozen ponds. You get the idea.

~Do You Believe In~

God: Definitely.

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: No, because attraction at first sight is a very different thing

Ghosts: No, but I do believe in spirits, demons, angels and any other inhabitants of the spiritual realm

Aliens: Nope, I side with Scully.

Soul Mates: No? I believe God intends and even creates certain people to compliment and balance each other out. But that's not what "soul mate" typically means ;)

Heaven: Yes, thank goodness.

Hell: That, too.

Kissing on the first Date: No. Actually, no kissing on dates at all :P

Yourself: I don't think I could be a writer without a little bit of faith in myself. But I greatly rely on other's faith in me (so thanks!).


Well, I think I made that way longer than it was supposed to be! I tag JessecaIvyJonathan, and Morgan! Unless you really don't want to, but I really want to know your answers!

So, what did you think? Anything that shocked you? Anything we have in common that I HAVE to know about? 


  1. Hehe I totally just got tagged for another thing and was going to use that same line!! Well, great minds think alike! (Also, I was going to tag you... so be prepared! :)

    And I also LOVE the Les Mis sound track LITERALLY the best composer I've ever heard. Oh, and I also have some prettyyyy exotic nicknames... but I guess I'll have to make you wait until I do the tag! Mwahahahah... ;)

    1. We're so smart! Feel free to use it if you want to :) Goodie, I love tags!

      Yeah, I cry every time I watch the movie. And I love all the faith-related lyrics and the mercy/justice complex. And no matter what anyone says, I love the cast for the new one :D

      Yes, I have to know your nicknames ;)

  2. Yes! No kissing on any dates, cause what happens when you guys end up wrong for each other? Then, bam, you just wasted a very important thing! *steps down from the soapbox* Thank you for that point. *cough* Thanks for doing this! I watched Call the Midwives as well, but all of the birth scenes started giving me nightmares. xD

    1. Exactly, Rachael. I intend to save my first kiss for my wedding day.

      I love Call the Midwife so much. And my mom's a birth fanatic, so she adored it. But some of the episodes did kind of unsettle me, not the births so much as the circumstances sometimes. Really sad. I love it, though, because the girls have such good characters and it's very real.

    2. It broke my heart for the girls my age!

    3. I know!! They were some of my favorite episodes, though. You see that they had no idea what they were getting into, but were often more inclined to keep the baby than their mothers and were willing to do whatever it took to have them safely. I thought it was really sweet, but a good reminder at the same time.

  3. Virginia is a lovely state, all of it. I'm biased towards northern VA myself (that's where I want to live, unless I decide that I never want to see snow again and head down to Texas), but the rest of it's wonderful as well. Lots of history, reasonably nice weather . . .

    Also, Little Women is one of my favorite classics. :D

    1. Yes, I fell in love with Virginia on a choir tour to Washington DC. I'll have to find a reason to go back some day.

      Yes! I just reread Little Women aloud to my sister and it's so, so good.

  4. It's so cool that you have a "twin cousin"! My favorite cousin is six months younger than me, but that's okay. She's still awesome. XD But sharing a birthday must be kinda fun. The closest I've come to that is with my boyfriend, who is three days older than me, sharing the actual day though would be really neat.

    I've watched a bit of Call the Midwife and I surprisingly liked it cause I generally don't like that sort of thing (I'm a bit of a tomboy) but it was very good as you say. Out of curiosity are you into any fantasy at all like The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia?

    1. Yeah it's really cool.

      Yes, I love LOTRs! Not as much as some people in my family, but I do love the movies. I've never actually made it through the books. They're so inspirational! And I practically grew up on Narnia. I really only love the first movie, but all the books are very lovely and so fun to read

  5. Thank you so much for tagging me! I love The Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis, too! You've Got Mail is such a cute movie! I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you! :D

    1. You're welcome! I'm so glad someone else has seen the movie. Another one that I love and should have recommended is the animated Anastasia. It's currently on Netflix and it's the best thing ever. Thanks, it was really fun to do. Can't wait to see your answers :D

  6. I was just able to watch 'The Shop around the Corner' last Christmas! It was so sweet and funny, and awesome! :)
    Washington is gorgeous! We were just up there last August. Sooo pretty! I have a friend who lives in TX, and she really likes the hot weather. I don't think I could survive without any winter. xD
    Thanks for tagging me! I'll try to get the post up soon! :)

    1. I know, I've heard great things about it. And I just found a friend who may let me borrow it!!

      Yeah, I'm sorry but the 40s just isn't winter. It's cold-ish, I guess, but still. I don't think our lows ever hit the teens this winter. Pathetic.

      You're so welcome! I can't wait to read it!

  7. This should be fun! Thanks for the tag, Abi!!!

    Yes, you should definitely live in Washington. But you MUST live on my side of the seems like most of my friends are on the other side and it's a bit of a drive! :)

    1. You're welcome, Ivy! I thought it would be a good way to get to know you better :D

      Haha, will do! Like I said, I've never actually been, I've just seen pictures and heard tales. It sounds kind of like England in America, if you know what I mean. Always overcast, which makes me really happy :D :D

      It's so funny to hear people talking about "the other side of the state." I live in the SE near Austin and I've never been to the NW part, but it could take 7 or 8 hours, easy :P

  8. I really enjoyed learning about you! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yay, I'm glad it was fun. I had a lot of fun doing it. Although I admit I really didn't want to include all my nicknames :P

  9. Wait, you read Janette Oke??? And she has a movie based on When Calls the Heart? How awesome! I love her books! =)

    It was very fun reading your answers!!

    1. Yes, I love Janette Oke. As much as I love Wynn and Elizabeth, I am really starting to love her Seasons of the Heart just as much :D I really like that they are from Josh's perspective and that it follows him younger in life.

      There is a Hallmark series based off of a newer book series Janette Oke wrote with her daughter, about another Elizabeth Thatcher (the origininal's cousin, I think?) and a Mountie in a coal mining town. I am reading the books right now, and I while I am finding them a little sappy, the TV show is quite good! The first 2 seasons are on Netflix and the 3rd is airing.

    2. I haven't read a complete series of any of her books yet, but I have read many individuals. I love that her romance is clean...there are tons of other Christian books that I haven't been able to finish because they weren't good. =(

      I will check those movies out! They sound good! =) Thanks for letting me know!!

    3. Yes, I find her romance very satisfying and appropriate, like you say :D You're welcome!

  10. Wow, great answers! :) I LOVE Janette Oke as well! And I definitely agree with what you said about dating and love. It's so sad what America has become...):

    1. Have you ever read the Return to the Canadian West? I loved that series and can't wait for the next book to come out!!!!

    2. I am working through Where Courage Calls right now. This series strikes me a little sappier, but I haven't finished and it's been a while since I read her, so maybe my tastes have just changed a little. I think I will forever prefer Elizabeth and Wynn :)

      Did you read books 5-6 to the original Canadian West series? I never did, and I was wondering if they were any good or if they even continue to follow Wynn and Elizabeth. I don't exactly remember where book 4 left off, but it felt fairly final :P

    3. That's neat you're reading Where Courage Calls! Yes, I loved the Elizabeth and Wynn books as well. :)

      And yes, I have read 5-6 in the Canadian West series! They don't really follow Wynn and Elizabeth at all. They're about there two children(one is not biological). I didn't enjoy them near as much as the others, but they were still good!

    4. Okay, cool. I vaguely remember them having a non-biological child and that they were having problems having a biological, but that's great! I may have to get them at some point :D Or I could just reread the others. They're so good!

  11. I want to start watching X files. I have never seen You got mail, but I heard good things about it.

    1. I really like the X-Files. They do have some language and occasionally, it's a good idea to skip an episode, but it's not too hard to tell :P The main hook for me is the two FBI agents chemistry. They're just really good friends with very different ideas and that's refreshing to me. But you'd have to be okay with them not resolving every episode ;)

  12. Washington is an awesome state...if I do say so myself. ;) I love all the GREEN it's made of. *sigh* Ah, home sweet home. :)
    It was fun to read all your answers, I'll definitely be paying your blog more visits! :)

    1. Yes, the green is VERY appealing. It's been pouring and thundering at my house all day today for the first time in months and it's just the best. Everything is so much brighter, except for the sky which is grey. It just doesn't get any better!

      Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)


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